Morning Rounds–it should be a quiet day (CarePages Update)

Ravi’s getting some much needed sleep, so I sat in on rounds this morning. The doctor who had been leading the team is off, and the new head of the team is also the head of the PICU (or co-head…I’m not entirely sure). The team is much smaller on the weekend…the attending, two fellows, and I think a resident (although this person had to go when a child on another floor got sick and they needed a PICU doctor up there) as well as myself and Elanor’s nurse.

She started getting breast milk through her feeding tube last night and had been tolerating it well until about two hours ago when she threw up a little. We gave her a break, and then lowered the amount she was getting and will again slowly increase as the vomit could have been (a) too much milk too quickly or (b) just some spit up and it’s hard to tell. She’s peeing and pooping, so her digestive system is slowly beginning to remember how to handle food.

She doesn’t seem to be showing her suck reflex at this point. She’s being given the weekend, and then if it’s still not showing on Monday, there are special doctors who will evaluate her and help us help her get her suck reflex back or teach her how to suck again. From what the nurse tells me, it’s pretty common for this to happen, and is in fact a sign that the baby is sick, and that as they get better, it comes back. The doctors might just be able to help us jump start it if they feel it necessary.

The ultrasounds yesterday all showed no change or nothing of concern, which is good. The kidney ultrasound was reassuring as her creotine levels have been high (but are continuing to slowly trend back towards normal) which could indicate damage in the kidney, but the kidneys had looked basically normal to the doctors who read the ultrasounds. As long as her levels continue to trend down, it’s my understanding that there won’t be the need for follow up in that area.

Today should be nice and quiet for her. No tests are scheduled, and she should be able to hang out with me and Ravi, get some cuddles, and just continue to work on getting better.

Since her breathing tube was removed she no longer needs a dedicated nurse in her room 24/7, and is now sharing her nurse with another child up the hall.

It’s also wonderful to hear her voice again. She’s a little to hoarse from the breathing tube to give a full cry, but she’s making coos and small complaints when we annoy her and other baby sounds that are music to our ears.

I’m adding a few new pictures. You’ll see she has gained a little hat and a small blanket. I wanted to let you know they’re donations from a charity called Project Linus ( Project Linus knits/crochets/quilts baby blankets (and hats) and donates them to children in crisis, which means shelters, hospitals and similar facilities. It certainly raises my spirits to see her in a lovingly knit hat and cuddled in a non hospital blanket. If you knit, there is probably a chapter near you through which you can find out the criteria for the blanket and donate it. If you are not a “crafty” person (as I am not), they also take donations. I’m not trying to shill for them, but I was very touched by the idea and I wanted to call attention to them as I had never heard of them before.

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