Elanor had a good night (CarePages Update)

Updated by Crystal

I just spoke with Elanor’s main doctor (the one who manages her care and whom all the other doctors report to so he can be a one source filter of information). Her overnight information looked good.

As Ravi noted, her brain bleed had not changed as of the second CT scan. Dr. Whalen says that this is the sort of thing that heals over weeks/months/years, not hours/days so no change is the best we could hope for. Her MRI is scheduled for 2pm today and the imaging differences between the ultrasound, the CT scan and the MRI were explained to me as follows–Ultrasound is like a fuzzy black/white tv, CT scans are like a normal tv, and MRI’s are like HD tv. We really can’t talk prognosis or likelihood of damage or potential for long term seizures or anything until after the MRI has been completed and the team has had a chance to look at it.

Elanor is still asleep as they had to give her morphine to keep her sedated and quiet on the trip to the CT machine. However, her pupils are no longer pinpoints and she does move independently every once and a while so she is waking up.

The decision about extubation will be made some time later today. She has not been ready for it thus far, and they think the trip to the MRI might be easier if the tube is still in. Initially they wanted to get it out because Dr. Whalen felt that it was aggravating her blood pressure, but as that is stabilizing, he seemed to think it was still a good idea but it felt like the opinion was not as strong as yesterday when her bp was a concern.

She is off the bp medication that was continuous, but is still on a med that she receives every 4 hours.

She is back to breathing as independently as one can on a ventilator after being completely sustained by the ventilator for most of the night…again this is because traveling is pretty stressful for her and having the machine breathe for her takes some of the stress off.

We are going to sit in on rounds later this morning and we’ll update again after that.

Several people have made a point of making sure Ravi and I are sleeping. We are. There is a couch that turns into a twin bed in the room and we also have a parent room with another twin bed down the hall…we basically have switched off who sleeps where. Right now Ravi is sleeping here in Elanor’s room and I’m sitting next to the bed at the little desk updating this. The hospital is providing me meals because I’m pumping breast milk, which is very kind of them, and Ravi is going down the cafeteria to eat. His parents are also bringing us food as we request it.

For now it’s enough that she had a good night.

While we aren’t religious, I want to take a moment to thank you for all the good thoughts, prayers, good energy, and love you are all sending our way. It really helps us to know we’re not alone in what is often a very scary and isolating experience.

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