A good hour (CarePages Update)

Elanor is on her way to her MRI as I type this.

However, the hour before she left was the most emotionally healing one for me since we arrived at the hospital. Elanor was finally stable enough that I could hold her. While her nurses got a new bed ready for her (the one she was on made moving all of her equipment around to places like the CT room or the MRI room very difficult) I got to sit quietly with her and cuddle my daughter.

Ravi sat with us for a time, but was so tired that he did not feel safe holding her. They will give us another chance later today (hopefully) and as soon as he feels ready, he gets first dibs. This is something that I really like about MGH–they’re very strongly supportive of this sort of care and we could tell by her vital signs that Elanor felt very comfortable in my arms.

It was a little scary at first because she is still on the ventilator and I was very nervous about accidentally making one of those hoses move the wrong way, but once she was settled, I forgot all about the wires and hoses and just enjoyed the weight and warmth of her in my arms.

She’s also starting to wake up, so at several points in the cuddle her eyes flickered open for a second or two, and her little tongue stuck out at me at several points as if to say “I could SO get a pony right now if I wanted one”.

I’ve added a few new pictures to the stream of today’s cuddle.

We should hear the MRI results later today, at which point we’ll let you know what’s going on with her brain bleed. Think good thoughts.

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