Wednesday Morning Rounds (Carepages Post)

I got to sit in on rounds this morning.

Elanor is off all her blood pressure medication. Her blood pressure is slightly elevated, but rather than give her a medication to bring down the pressure, they are trying another option and watching to see if it helps. The doctor also thinks that the ventilator tube is part of what’s keeping her bp a little high.

She is off all respiratory help except the ventilator, which has been turned down to the point where it is just helping her breathe such that she doesn’t feel like she is sucking air through a straw (which she is). When she wakes up, the game plan is to take out her breathing tube and observe her with an idea that she could start getting food (bottles of breast milk) a little later today.

Her sedation was turned off around midnight last night, but she’s still pretty far under. Her pupils are pinpoints, but every once and a while she’ll move on her own, and she responds when you put your finger in her hand. When I stroked her hair, she turned her head a bit, and when you touch her foot she’ll pull her leg back a little (maybe she’s ticklish like both Ravi and I there?). We’re waiting for her to open her eyes, but it may not be until tomorrow that she wakes up.

One of the things they had to do on Monday when she first arrived and was so dehydrated that they couldn’t get an IV into her was to drill a hole in a bone and to give her fluids that way (which seems odd to me, but apparently it works). They had to do it three times, and two of the wounds are healing nicely, while one has gotten a bit red. They’re going to have the doctor from infectious diseases look at it to evaluate if they think there’s anything they should be doing in addition to all the antibiotics she’s already on (which they tell me should also help fight any infection in that wound that might be developing).

This morning they did an ultrasound on her head to make sure that she did not have bleeding in her head. They had done one on Monday which was normal, but some of her numbers overnight led them to want to recheck it. So far there’s no news, but the head doctor tells me that if they had seen something they would have called him immediately so he doesn’t think there’s an issue. Assume she’s fine in that department until we tell you otherwise.

Her kidneys took some temporary damage from the septic shock she arrived in on Monday. They don’t think there would be any permanent damage, but they are watching her closely and doing something to one of her medications (weaning her off a diuretic) to help her kidneys.

Later today they’re going to do a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. Because she’s still so heavily sedated, she won’t feel it, and in addition they’ll use a local anesthetic to help with that as well. While the test might not come back positive, they can use her white blood cell count from her spinal fluid to help diagnose (or not) what exactly is making her sick.

Other than that, not a lot of change. She’s still very sick, but is getting better and stronger every day, and we look forward to seeing her wake up and holding her. Please continue to send happy thoughts and prayers.

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