Dear Emby–week 37

Dear Emby

I’m pretty confused, kidlet.  Do you want to come out or not?

The three trips to Labor and Delivery Triage, including the pre-eclampsia scare seem to indicate a certain desire on your part to make a jail break and get on with life on outside already.  On the other hand my absolute lack of more than 1 contraction in something like 10 fetal non-stress tests and crappy 1 cm dilated cervix for the past 3 weeks seem to indicate that you are just fine and dandy and would like some more room service please.

Three trips, Emby.  That’s a bit…MUCH…don’t you think?  Last Tuesday it was the sharp stabby pains and the inability to keep down food.  Friday it was the pre-eclampsia warning signs and need for testing.  Yesterday you decided to fail a kick count and scare the crap out of your parents and then decided life was good again once Mommy got rehydrated by IV at the hospital.  You do realize we’re going to be going there in 5 short days and you get to come out in 6, right?  It’s all scheduled.  So you don’t need to keep sending us there.  I promise that Daddy and I know the way to the hospital, we know where L&D is, and we even know some of the nurses at this point.

So seriously…let Mommy stay home and get her stuff done this week.  Just chill until Saturday, okay?  I have some work to finish up, your crib needs delivering, my car needs to visit its doctor, and we have a few doctor’s visits of our own, including the one where I need to finish talking anti-depressants with a psychiatrist.  Just chill out and I will send you all the room service and cool beverages you could possibly want.

Other than the 3 visits to L&D triage, last week only had two other noteworthy events.

1-We found your pediatrician.  I hope you like her–we certainly did.

2-We finalized the purchase of your crib, which we loved so much we bought it from an out of state dealer and are paying an exorbitant amount of money to have it shipped to us in Boston.

Since you are scheduled to come out this coming weekend, I’ll probably write you again on Friday to tell you about your (hopefully less L&D Triage heavy) 38th and final week in utero.

Love you


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2 Responses to Dear Emby–week 37

  1. Rachel M. says:

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck! My only advice is to keep your phone charged and don’t eat anything right before going to the hospital to give birth. Both minor errors made on my part. Then again, my baby came 1 month 4 days early so I was completely unprepared. I hope all goes well.

  2. Taking a Chance on Baby says:


    We’re also trying to remember to keep our gas tanks filled (my husband is especially bad at this as his car has a “trip monitor” that tells him he’s got 40 or however many theoretical miles before he runs out of gas and will drive around until it’s 10 or less looking for the cheapest gas) and I’m relieved that they currently both have close to or full tanks.

    So far, nothing except a continued borderline high blood pressure.

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