They say babies begin to show their personalities in the womb.

I’m willing to take up the gauntlet and make a few predictions about Emby based on what I’ve seen/experienced with her thus far (11 days until baby, if all goes as planned…hahaha, like THAT’LL happen).

My predictions about Emby…

1-That she will be active…interested in the world around her…doesn’t want to waste time facing inwards in a carrier.  She’s been a super active in utero baby and I just have this “feeling” that she’s going to be very alert and interested in what’s going on around her.

2-Daddy’s girl…totally.  She kicks and gets active whenever the husband talks to her….AND we can both sing his silly song to her and she’ll only respond to him.  Of course, having married him, I get the appeal.

3-Stubborn.  This is the child who, when we rushed to the hospital with bright red blood at 9 weeks, heartsick and certain that we were having a miscarriage again, had a strong heartbeat and was JUST FINE.  This is also the child who when we went in for the in-depth heart ultrasound would only show her back no matter how many different positions they put me in, poked at her, and otherwise tried to convince her to show them something besides her damn spine already.

4-Wee bit of a drama queen/attention whore.  Six times.  I have been to Labor and Delivery Triage SIX times in the 33 or so weeks since the test read positive.  This includes the trip with blood the day before I was scheduled to meet my OB, and instead got to meet her in L&D instead of her office.  I have a feeling she will show up on 10/31 or 11/1 just to mess with my whole planned induction thing on 11/2.  Attention whore?  Has had over 20 ultrasounds at this point.  Mostly because of my “high risk” label, but still.  My insurance fucking hates me and my extremely expensive care.

5-Possible Caffeine Junkie.  I went cold turkey on caffeine in pregnancy #1, and it did NO GOOD.  So one of the things I was way relaxed about this time around was the whole soda consumption thing.  I’d been pretty good about staying under the recommended caffeine limits…until this past week when water started tasting gross and all I want is soda soda and more diet soda.  I’m not really going over the limit right now, but I’m definitely kissing up to the limit to the point of making out with it, and occasionally going a bit further than I’d planned.  At this point, I’m a lot less concerned than I was when the precious neural tubes and ears and whatever were forming…she’s basically freeloading at this point.  (Please note…SARCASM)

We shall see how right/wrong I am in a few weeks.

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