Dear Emby–Week 36

Dear Emby

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and thusly, full term.  You are free to exit the womb at any time up to 11/2, at which point we’re going in after you.  Two weeks from today, little girl, you’ll be here on the outside, and we will be terrified and thrilled to have you here.

Week 36 was a blur of doctor’s appointments for Mommy and you.  We are up to twice weekly Antenatal Testing appointments and weekly OB visits.  Last week, I also had to squeeze in my last appointment before your birth with my Endocrinologist, and my third trimester eye screening (also because of the diabetes).  Where I’m also back to therapy once a week, it made for quite the busy week…and a lot of parking fees at the hospital.

Last week we also saw some friends who got married over the summer, and they told us that they were trying for a baby.  We found out at the end of the week that D is expecting, which means you’ll be around 7/8 months of age when her baby is born.  Which is strange…because I can barely visualize you as a newborn, much less as a chubby-cheeked crawling (or whatever it is that you’ll be doing at 8 months old) baby.

Daddy and I decided to pursue the crib we liked best, even though it’s no longer being made (not because of safety issues–don’t worry!) which has required a LOT of phone calls, but we will hopefully have one in our posession (not physically but legally) by tonight.  Then we’ll just need to wait for it to arrive and Daddy and Dada will put it together for you.

I am sorry to say that the Red Sox lost in game 7 of the ALCS.  There is no chance of you catching them in the World Series this year, and the cute little Red Sox rattle ball that I wanted to buy you will have to wait for March, when spring training begins.  Such is life, my dear, as you will learn.

I mostly packed our hospital bag, being sure to include a few things for you (your Obama onesie and your Miami Dolphins onesies as well as a going home outfit and a few blankets) and me.  Daddy needs to pick out what he wants to bring.

I’ve also been resting and reading a lot, trying to enjoy these last few days where I’ll have the prolonged silence and energy to read for hours on end, or watch tv, or surf the internet.  Not that I don’t believe I’ll do all three after you arrive, just not for the stretches of time that I am currently used to.

love you Embykins


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