McCain and “health” of the mother

For those of you who missed it…here is a clip from last night’s debate.

It’s the last few second where McCain says that the mother’s “health” (using airquotes) is an excuse of the extreme pro-abortion movement.

I knew McCain had an excellent rating from Right to Life.  I knew he wasn’t pro-choice.

But I didn’t think he thought that people like Cecily should die rather than get a life-saving abortion.  I didn’t know that he thinks that the life of the mother is less sacred than that of the unborn.  I didn’t know that under his administration, the notion of a woman’s life was a punchline…something that deserved dismissive air quotes.

Yesterday was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Yesterday I came very close to weeping reading Cecily’s post about her sons, and her loss.  I wept as I thought about the loss of my own beloved Hope.  I really began to cry when I think of all the wanted babies that we as humans have lost.

Some of those children were, like Cecily’s, lost because of a necessary late term abortion for the life of the mother.  But McCain thinks that’s an excuse.  That it’s a lie we “pro-abortion extremists” have come up with.

I’m not pro-abortion.

Abortion is a tragedy.  I wish that we lived in a society where it was never necessary because mistakes and accidents with birth control never happen, where we were all educated about how to prevent pregnancy using birth control. and where rape and incest never occurs.  But we don’t.  Rape and incest occur every day.  1 in 6 women will be raped.  There are horrible people that abuse the young children of their family, and sometimes abused girls get pregnant.  Sometimes birth control isn’t used properly, or at all because the person doesn’t know how to use it correctly (bc pill–take it every day at the same time–or it loses it’s effectiveness–not everyone knows this).  Sometimes accidents happen.  Sometimes it’s the right choice.

McCain and Palin think that I shouldn’t have that choice.  Even when it’s my life on the line.

Palin doesn’t think I deserve that choice even if I was raped.  And the young woman in this ad talks about that far more eloquently than I could–this is a powerful ad.

I realize that neither McCain nor Palin give a rat’s ass about what I think because I would never have voted for them.  I would never EVER vote for anyone who was anti-choice or anti-gay marriage…which pretty much means I’ll never vote Republican, so I’m of no interest to that party.

But if you’re undecided, and you ARE pro-choice….

Think long and hard about the stances of the two candidates.

Think long and hard about the fact that there are vital Supreme Court seats that will open up in the next 4 years

Think about the women in your family.  Think about what you would want for them if they were 22 weeks pregnant, the baby wasn’t yet viable, and something went tragically wrong with the pregnancy.  Would you want them to have access to a life saving procedure?  Or would you want them to die in the operating room as the doctor tried to save the life of a baby who’s chances of living were almost non-existant, most likely losing them both?

And then vote for Obama on Nov 4th.

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