Dear Emby–Week 35

Dear Emby

While on one hand, it should be 28 days until we meet you, I’ll be getting induced on 11/2, which means we have 20 days left in utero together instead.  I love you dearly child, but I am beyond thrilled to know that our time in utero is coming to an end.  Consider yourself served an eviction notice.

During your 35th week on the inside, your Daddy and I took a breastfeeding class (that we were so unimpressed with that we actually demanded and received a refund for it) and met another pediatrician.

I met my first potential pediatrician for you while Daddy was in Canada, but I wasn’t comfortable going with that practice.  Daddy and I were okay with the pediatrician we met last Thursday, but because we’re concerned she’ll retire before you’re in kidnergarten we are going to keep looking.  We have another meeting scheduled this week, and I have two more practices to talk to, bringing the total number of pediatricians we plan to meet to five.

Even to me, this seems a bit excessive.  After all, we’re not trying to delay or stop any vaccinations or anything that should make finding a pediatrician all that hard.  But it’s really frightening to pick the doctor who I will be counting on should anything bad happen to you.

Well, there is one thing that will make finding the right pediatrician more challenging.  I need to go back on anti-depressants and because the studies are so all over the place, it will mean finding a pediatrician who find breastfeeding and anti-depressants compatible.  We may *HAVE* to put you on formula if it’s an issue.  I hope that you would prefer that your Mommy could mother you healthily to a depressed Mommy who might have to go away for awhile.  I’m trying to figure out what’s best for both of us.

On Friday we saw the OB who has been taking such good care of Mommy and you throughout this pregnancy.  I asked her if there was any way we could get you out any earlier than your precise due date, and she is basically giving Mommy a week off of pregnancy for good behavior.  There are no health risks for you in coming 8 days early, and many benefits to Mommy’s health–after all, she stops being a Type 2 diabetic, gets to go off the nausea pills, and maybe I’ll be able to get up out of chairs without help again.

Also on Friday–Daddy got the second carseat base installed in his car.  Now both of us have police installed car seats ready for you.

Saturday we thought we’d found the right crib for you…three times.  We seem to be having an Epic FAIL when it comes to crib purchases.  Each time we thought we found a good one, we’d find bad reviews.  If only we were tall enough to not need a drop side crib…the drop side keeps being the problem.  I’m waiting to hear about one more option–keep your fingers crossed.  Luckily you’ll be sleeping in a pack n play so this isn’t super time critical.

Now my dear, we get to start the countdown.  In 20 days, at this time, I will be holding you in my arms.

I’m so excited.



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