Westjet follow up

I was over at Her Bad Mother and read the follow up/so-called “resolution” to the Westjet incident involving Catherine back in September.  It was not heart-warming.  Part of her entry is below…

WestJet – as you know if you saw the addendum to my last post – finally had something to say about the flurry of letters (including one from me) and posts concerning their policies on in-flight nursing after I was asked to cover up on one of their flights a few weeks ago, and damn if they didn’t manage to just make things just a little bit worse.

They did state – in direct contradiction to their first replies to some of you – that their policy is to never interfere with a nursing mother, and to not ask women to cover-up. Which: good. But they insisted upon prefacing that statement with a few pissy remarks concerning the blogosphere’s persistence in bitching about this matter which – according to them – occurred this past July and for which they’ve already apologized. So, hurray! The WestJet Owner Responsible For Placating All Those Stupid Complainers didn’t bother to read any of the letters or the posts or MY LETTER or MY POST addressing the incident involving ME in September – she just glanced at the screen and saw the word BREAST and assumed that it had something to do with something else from some other time – and decided to disregard. Which: awesome.

I want to be ragingly angry over this.  And yet, I find myself sighing and rolling my eyes because, really, what did I expect?  Did I expect the big bad corporation to give a shit about the breastfeeding mom?

There are times when I truly believe in the power of the individual to change the world.  And then there are those times when I get so cynical, so tired, so fucking sick of fighting the tide that I just close my eyes and let the stupidity of whatever it is that’s pissing me off roll over me and walk away rather than stand up and shout it down.

My opinion hasn’t really changed–Westjet was WRONG.  They deserve to have you hold back your money and to fly with someone else.  They deserve a reputation as a nursing mom unfriendly carrier.  Which they are.

If they can’t even get their acts together enough to realize that they’re talking about something that happened in July and we’re talking about something entirely different (and yet the same) that happened to a different woman in September, how much hope should we really hold out that they’ll keep their promise of supporting breastfeeding moms and teaching attendants not to harass them?

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