Dear Emby–Week 34

Dear Emby

Don’t take this the wrong way, but….OUT OUT OUT OUT.  PLEASE come out.  I will give you a PONY if you come OUT. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE????!!!!

My bladder.  My aching hips.  My low back.  The sciatica.  Enough already.

As you can probably tell, Mommy’s getting a little impatient.  With 35 days (5 weeks exactly as I write this) this long road is getting a little tedious.

It’s not just that I’m tired of being pregnant.  I can’t wait to see you on something other than an ultrasound screen.  Where I can recognize things other than your spine.  This past week I memorably asked the technician “is that her ear?” only to be told it was your kidney or your lung…I think (wasn’t anywhere near your ear).  I can’t wait to hold you, to cuddle you, to have you be REAL.

Because as much as you’re very much a presence in our life, you’re not completely real to us.  You’re kind of like the baby doll we used in our childbirth class.  You’re this kid, in theory, who we need to know how to swaddle and bathe and stuff, but we were able to go home and watch the Daily Show instead of going home and working with your routine.

I wash baby clothes and fold them.  I’ve set up a changing station.  But it’s almost like I’m arranging something for a magazine shoot…it’s not “real” it’s for show, if that makes sense.  See…an adorable nursery!

We bought the chair I’m betting you and I will spend a lot of time in.  I have this wonderful idea that we’ll nurse in it, that when you’re a bit older you’ll curl up in my lap and I’ll read to you in it, and that maybe one day we’ll hold your little brother or sister together in it.  For now, I’m just hoping it arrives before you do (when I’m not in enough pain or soreness that I don’t care and just want to be done with pregnancy).

Anyways my dear, there’s not a lot going on right now except a lot of waiting.  We’re ready for you and are so excited at the idea of meeting of you.  So hurry up and come out already!



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