Simultaneously Near and Far

Tonight we went to a furniture store to buy the glider/recliner I’ll be using in the nursery to nurse the baby (and occasionally take a nap in, if my suspicions are correct).  The scheduled arrival date is somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks from now, which, it occurs to me, is somewhere between the week before she’s due and two weeks after.

I spend so much time whining to my husband that it’s SOOOO LOOOOOONG until the baby is born.  Waaaaah my hips….waaah my bladder…waaah WHY AM I STILL FUCKING THROWING UP????  GET HER OUT–OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT—NOW.  The 36 days (at most) until I give birth sound like they’ll last forever.

And then something like this happens, and I’m stunned that it’s so soon.

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