Dear Emby–Week 32

Dearest Emby

As I write this, we have (at most) 6 weeks and 5 days left in our current journey together.  That suddenly feels like very little time, and yet I never thought I’d get here.  I was so scared of losing you, of finding out that something was wrong with you, that 40 weeks would last a lifetime.  Instead, 40 weeks lasts….well….40 weeks.

Your 32nd week in utero started in DC and ended with sending Daddy to Canada on a business trip.

We started week 32 on our last day of visiting your cousins in DC.  It’s hard to imagine that when Mommy and Daddy next see your cousin J he could be walking and saying his first words.  Your cousin A seems like such a big girl, and Kindergarten seems practically ancient when compared to a brand new infant.  I suppose it’s all about perspective–when I taught 12 year olds, the kindergarteners seemed so tiny and young.

The flight home was much less of a hassle than the one in had been.  We returned our rental car (did I ever tell you that we managed to get a rental car with MA plates in VA?! how very funny that seemed to Daddy and I!) and made it through security with plenty of time to fly home on the plane we were supposed to be on.  If you’ll remember, our flight to DC required a last second airline change as our flight was cancelled and that Mommy and Daddy barely made the gate in time to board the plane.

Mommy had a fairly low key week, tidying up around the house, sleeping, and catching up on things that needed to be done before Daddy went to Canada on business.

On Friday we had our ATU appointment as usual, but this week was a measurement week.  I’m happy to say you were measuring in the 48th percentile (pretty much perfectly on target) and they think you weigh about 4 and a half pounds.  I realize these guesstimates are innacurate, but I like to try and imagine what a 4.5 lb baby looks like–at which point I realized you actually FIT into the preemie clothes I see in Carters.  That was a bit of a shock to my system.  You were not only active during this appointment, but were so active, in fact, that they made we wait a bit longer than usual to make sure that they saw you enter a calm period because when you are active your heart rate increases.  You continue to look great, sweetie.  Keep up the good work!

On Saturday Mommy and Daddy had lunch with uncle M before Daddy and Uncle M went to work so that Uncle M could critique the presentation Daddy was giving in Canada.  While they went over the presentation, Mommy went to the bakery to pick up the cake she’d ordered for Auntie A’s baby shower the next day.

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that when I saw they hadn’t quite done the cake I wanted, I had a meltdown in the store and began to cry because I was so upset.  Mommy is usually quite a bit more stable–don’t worry, sweetie.  Pregnancy just does a number on your hormones and sometimes something as simple as a screw up on a bakery cake can feel like the end of the world.

That evening Mommy and Daddy went out on a date to a special desserterie, where Mommy and Daddy both ate sinfully good molten chocolate cake.  It was special for us to have a date before Daddy left, and without worrying about logistics involving you.  You are incredibly wanted, but Mommy and Daddy are just starting to realize that you also make life a bit more complicated…in a good way.

By the time Daddy was finished packing, it was time for him to leave for the airport.  Dada came and got him and Mommy went to take a 4 hour nap before she got up for Auntie A and Uncle J’s baby shower.

Auntie A made you baby clothes, which is just incredibly sweet and I can’t wait to see them on you.  I’m so impressed by her ability to do stuff like that-there’s a lot you could learn from Auntie A that you can’t learn from Mommy, and I’m glad she and her baby will be part of your life.

After the shower Mommy and Daddy talked on the phone a few times and Mommy fell into an exhausted sleep once she knew Daddy had made it to Canada safely.

Only 47 more days!

Love ,


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