Our economy is strong? Seriously?

Most of my political vitrol to this point has been aimed at Sarah Palin.  Mostly because John McCain has a public record spanning many years and I figured that most informed voters would be checking that record as opposed to believing the crap that the campaign was spouting.

Until we get to the money quote “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”  Said right after the Lehman Brothers collapse.  You know, Lehman Brothers–survived the Depression, couldn’t survive the current economic crisis?  Oh yeah, and AIG just got bailed out.  And Fannie and Freddie Mac got nationalized?

I can understand how you can think the economy is strong when you’re married to a beer heiress and own more houses than you can count, but there are those of us who have lost the equivalent of a year of college tuition in the market since January alone.  More specifically, there are people like my aunt, who was laid off and is about to run out of unemployment money.  She’s been looking for a job every day since she was laid off and you know what?  With all the jobs being lost in her area there isn’t so much as a McDonald’s job that isn’t being fought over by plenty of 30 and 40 somethings.

Of course, it’s also easy to see why you’d have your head in the sand.  It’s what Bush has done for the past 8 years, and your voting record says you have voted along party lines more than 90% of the time during Bush’s presidency, so it’s pretty clear that you’re just signing us up for more of the same.

Let’s do something productive that could help our economy…like vote Obama into office.

If you’re taking all your facts from the candidates websites, you’re not informed.  If you’re not watching the debates, you’re not informed.  If you’re not reading up on their records, you’re not informed.  This is an important election, people–GET FUCKING INFORMED.

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