We’re going Mirena

During my OB visit on Friday, the most important topic of discussion was whether or not I could go to DC to visit family this past weekend after the L&D triage visit (long story short-they thought I might be in early labor-I wasn’t) and that day’s ATU visit.  I could, which I’ll talk about in my very late letter to Emby for weeks 30 and 31 later today or tomorrow.

The second most important topic of discussion was birth control.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I was struggling with deciding which method to use as I have had problems with certain types of bc in the past and am no longer thrilled with the idea of using condoms, however reliable they have proven after almost 12 years of sexual activity and no unplanned pregnancies.  I had done my research on IUD’s, specifically Mirena and the copper IUD.  I was leaning towards Mirena, but I’d read some conflicting stuff about whether or not breastfeeding mom’s should be using it (or any hormonal bc, for that matter) and I was concerned about the hormones as I don’t have a great history with hormonal bc.

A reader recommended the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility.”  If you haven’t read it, I do recommend it and suggest you at least skim through it.  Any woman, whether she’s interested in becoming pregnant or not, should have the information in the book.  However, it is worth noting that it recommends “Fertility Awareness” which requires a LOT of work (charting your periods, your basal body temp, your cervical mucus) and is not necessarily right for every woman (especially those of us who are lazy) as opposed to artificial methods.

I’m very lucky in that my doctor’s approach to medicine is very straightforward, research based, and that she’s on top of stuff (in fact, is also a professor of Obstetrics at a top respected Med School).  We talked about both options with no pressure from her to do anything.  She’s a big fan of “here’s the actual science of what’s going on, backed by reputable research, do with it what you will.”  She doesn’t mind that I go out and scour the interwebs because I don’t sit around insisting that WebMd or random site knows more than she does, and because I’m a conscientious consumer of Web-based information–ie that much of it is opinion and not Science.

In the end we’re going with Mirena.  There’s no promises that I will be able to handle the hormones, but it’s more likely that I can as the dosage is much lower than in the pill.  I like that it will go in and then other than checking for strings (which my GYN may have to do as I have an elongated vaginal canal and my cervix is almost impossible to reach) I don’t have to think about it before (a) 5 years are up or (b) I’m ready to start trying for #2.

The only thing I don’t like about Mirena is that I can’t get it at the 6 week visit.  They’ve found that insertion just doesn’t work successfully for most women in their practice, so they have women come back at 10 weeks post partum for insertion.  I grumbled about waiting an extra 4 weeks, but my OB’s comment was “there’s lots of other stuff you can do that’s fun but not intercourse.”  I have to love an OB who can say that as opposed to telling us just to chill the fuck out already-don’t we know we’ll be too tired for sex?!

But Mirena is many weeks away.  Emby, however, is 7 weeks and 6 days (55 days to be exact) at MOST away.  EEP.

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