Dear Emby, Week 28


As of today, you have 77 days left in the womb at most.  But don’t get overeager-I’m don’t want you popping out before you’re fully cooked.  I hear the NICU is kind of a sucky place to be as opposed to home with your loving, adoring, terrified parents.

Your 27th week in utero began in New Jersey.  Your Daddy and I went there for a “babymoon” and to visit some friends.  We woke up, finished packing and drove into New York City.  I can’t wait to take you there-especially once you’re old enough to really enjoy it.  I lived there for about a year when I was 22/23 and it remains to this day one of my favorite places in the world.

Your Daddy’s grandmother Nani, his uncle and two of his first cousins all live in New York, as do many of my friends from my time there.  We hadn’t seen Nani since December of 2006 in India, so we made a point of dropping by to see her (and by extension, your great uncle).  Since their apartment building was being painted, we picked them up and went to cousin D’s apartment.  Cousin R was working so we didn’t see him.  The family is very excited to meet you–you’ll be the first child of the next generation on your Daddy’s maternal side, and the third on the paternal side-displacing your cousin J as the baby of the family for now.

Then we visited a firend of mine who is sick and recovering from a stroke, although she’s only in her mid-30’s.  She was one of the first people I’ve allowed to touch the belly.  It’s partially that I don’t like strangers touching me, but more because I feel like a statue of buddha or a good luck lamp–and they all pat my belly fat as opposed to where I’m carrying you which is just weird and stuff.  But I let her, and she’s excited to meet you too.

The drive home was long and tiresome, especially the part where we realized a headlight was out, and got stopped by 3 (4?) state troopers on the drive home, made longer by the fact that we missed an exit and added an extra 1/2 hour onto our trip.  Sigh.

I spent Tuesday recovering from that long Monday, and got the headlight replaced, and then your Dada came over to help Daddy put together some more of our new IKEA bookcases.  I happily put away the books for an hour or so after that.  Daddy apparently met the downstairs neighbor, who wasn’t happy about them putting together bookcases in the early evening, but as Daddy pointed out-he works.  I have a feeling he isn’t going to be your biggest fan.  Tuesday was also a big deal for Daddy as he paid off his car.  We’re pretty excited not to have a car payment for a while, but we’ll be saving that money every month to put towards our next car, as mine probably only has 2-4 years left in it (it’s already 12 years old).

Friday we had some doctor’s appointments.  We met the anethesiologist who went over how they’ll deal with my previous back surgery and the epidural.  They went over how it’s done, the risks involved, and I signed the form.  We also had our first ATU (antenatal testing unit) appointment.  They did measurements of you, checked your weight, looked for practice breathing and swallowing, and we got to watch you on the ultrasound screen.  On Friday you weighed 2 1/2 pounds (which is 1/2 of the weight I’ve gained back so far), were showing signs of practice swallowing and breathing, and were in the 40% percentile of growth ( a few days small, no big deal).  Your amniotic fluid was ok, but only by a little.  I have to drink more water.

This weekend we went to a science fiction convention here in MA, about an hour away.  It was fun, but it was over the weekend that I really began to feel the toll being pregnant is starting to take on me and my body.  I had trouble leaning over sinks.  My pre-pregnancy shorts which have been baggy, are starting to fit less loosely, and my pelvis is sore a lot, like you’re a 10lb weight sitting on it.  I also happened to have my palm over my stomach when I coughed and I felt my belly button pop out and then go back in, which was kind of cool and weird.  I immediately told your dad to come and feel.

Today, Monday-day 1 of week 29, we are home and ready to stay here for 3 weeks.  Then we get to go to DC and see the baby you’re displacing as the youngest in the family as well as your cousin A, who I adore, for a long weekend, and then Mommy and you stay home until you come out.  Daddy has one more trip coming up in mid-Sept for a conference, but Mommy can’t go.  This weekend we’ll have our first baby shower and then a week from today we’ll be at 10 weeks and counting.

Love you


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