I hate “kids” music

It occurs to me that I hate kids music.  I loathe it when they redo lyrics to make them more kid-friendly.  I hate recycling overplayed classical numbers like Canon (even though I will confess I walked down the aisle to it).  I hate the Wiggles.  I loathe Raffi (is he even still around?).

I can stomach some Disney music…I will even confess to loving some Disney music, and a secret shameful copy of the soundtrack of the first “High School Musical” on my iPod.

I LOVE School House Rock.


As I read articles about babies and music and mom bloggers talking about what music they play in front of their kids, I can’t help but wonder if we’re over thinking this.  Why not just play what we like and let them figure it out as they get older?

I grew up on “Oldies” music (aka 50’s and 60’s stuff) and some contemporary 80’s stuff like Madonna and Michael Jackson.  I knew the lyrics to “Like a Virgin” by heart in grade school—but it’s not like I knew what the lyrics meant.  I decided I liked Opera after hearing it on the radio one day, and fell asleep to it for all of fourth grade.  I watched old musicals with my grandmother and began to develop an interest in musical theater that persists to this day.  I know almost all the lyrics to every Beatles song ever made.  As an adult I have a ridiculously eclectic and wide-ranging taste in music that ranges from 80’s pop metal to banghra to musical theater to alternative to oldies and beyond.  Listening to my iPod on shuffle is like having musical schizophrenia, and I love it.

Sure, there’s stuff I won’t expose Emby to, but generally it’s because I wouldn’t want to hear it.  This includes most rap (although not the fabulous Salt N Pepa or most 80’s rap) because I find it misogynistic.

There’s so many real issues I have to think about as a parent that I just don’t see the value in freaking out over music being one of them.

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