Dear Emby–25 weeks

Dear Emby

I’m a few days late on the 25 week letter–today I’m 26 weeks and 2 days.  But I think you’ll understand 🙂

During your 25th week of gestation, we moved into the townhouse we’ll bring you home to.  It was a harrowing weekend for me.  As you will learn, undoubtably, I like to be organized and in charge, and because of the pregnancy, I had to take things far more easily than I normally do.  Your grandma and great-aunt did most of the packing and as a result, there were lots of conversations between Daddy and I where he would ask me where something was and I had no clue.

Lady, our kitty, who I hope will live long enough for you to remember and love (she’s 16 this year, so the odds are reasonable, but not great that she’ll still be around when you’re old enough to remember her) pulled an escape from the bathroom we’d locked her in for her own safety while the movers were bringing in furniture.  This gave both Mommy and Daddy a minor heart attack, but things resolved safely for everyone, and Lady in enjoying her first apartment with stairs.

I tried to unpack as much as I can, but Daddy and I need to make a trip to IKEA to buy some more bookcases and a new bureau for ourselves, so we can give you our current bureau.  Your room has only your things in it.  I’ve had the pleasure of hanging up most of your adorable clothes, and setting up a bookcase with your books on it and some stuffed animals.  We still have work to do before we’re totally unpacked.

On Friday, we saw the OB.  She said you are currently in breech position, which means your butt is on my cervix and your legs are over your face.  We tried to get a look at your face in 3D, but your legs were over your face.  You’re measuring a few days small, which is the first time this has happened in the pregnancy.  The doctor says it’s okay, but I worry all the same. We also learned that she is not going to let me go past my due date of November 10th, so that means you will be here in no more than 96 days.  Exciting and scary for me.

Over the weekend we got to see your Aunt A, who is going to have a baby a few weeks before me.  I got a picture of the two of us with our bellies, and I hope to be able to add a picture of us holding you and her baby when you’re out of the womb.

In the meantime, stay and grow my dearest.



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