Week 23

Dear Emby

Today is your Daddy’s and my wedding anniversary. We got married two years ago today, which was one of the happiest days of my life. Your birth will join that date, and my college graduation as some of the moments I am most happy and proud remembering.

It occurred to Daddy and I that next year you’ll be here with us, and around 8 months old. We’ll still celebrate our anniversary, and probably without you (sorry, kiddo, but some things are Mommy & Daddy only) but unlike this year, where we finally got around to making our dinner reservations at eleven or so last night, we will actually have to put some forethought and planning into a night out on the town. It’s kind of weird for me to think about things like babysitters and making plans. While in some respects I’m a total planner and I hate it when life deviates from my game plan, I also enjoy doing some things spur of the moment. That the phrase “spur of the moment” will disappear from my vocabulary seems strange, but inevitable.

This past weekend we had a small scare. Daddy and I went to the Brockton Fair, something we’ve done every July except the year that we got married. Obviously there were lots of rides that I couldn’t go on, but we never would have thought that a Merry-Go-Round would be one of them. Unfortunately it was a very OLD Merry-Go-Round and the horse slammed up and down in a way that freaked me out because I was getting a lot of impact every time it did. First I tried to stand up on the horse, to keep my pelvis and belly away from the horse and the pole, but it didn’t work. Then I got off the horse in the middle of the ride and stood waiting and anxious for the ride to STOP. Within about 15 minutes I was having pain on my left side and my entire abdomen was sore–I was so scared something was wrong with you. You’re a week away from viability and what if that stupid ride had given me a placental abruption and you died? I never could have forgiven myself. We had to go to the labor and delivery emergency room, where we went when I had some bleeding with you early on, and they strapped on a belt that would check to see if I was having contractions. Luckily I wasn’t. They did an ultrasound and made sure the placenta and your fluid were fine and we found your heartbeat without any problems. You’re fine–Mommy pulled some ligaments, but is also fine.

The fair wasn’t all bad though. Mommy rode an elephant! How many kids will be able to say they rode an elephant before they were born, huh? I wish I had a picture, but the ones Daddy took were all blurry. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Mommy also had to protect you from an overeager goat in the petting zoo, who seemed more interested in eating my shirt and shorts than the food I was trying to give it. We ate yummy but bad for you fair food (don’t worry, Mommy was smart and kept her blood sugar under control) and enjoyed what was a lovely summer evening.

You’re kicking hard these days and sometimes I can even see my belly move. While I love feeling you kick, and it usually makes me smile, seeing my belly move is a bit creepy. When you’re older, I’ll show you a scene in the movie Spaceballs, where a creature jumps out of a persons stomach in a top hat with a baton and starts singing a showtune (it’s a parody of a scene in Alien)…there are times when I think I contemplate that scene a bit too much.

Daddy has felt you kick a few more times, and he’s excited for you to kick even harder so he can feel you all the time. I wish I could share with him how cool these little movements I’ve been feeling for about a month are.

Mommy and Daddy are moving in 13 days to the town house we’ll bring you home to. I need to remember to take pictures of the apartment we currently live in so that you can see where we lived before you. I hope you like the new apartment; we’ll need to learn to keep it a lot cleaner. If you were here and mobile, Mommy would spend all day trying to keep things out of your hands and mouth–we’re a bit sloppy these days. My goal is to treat the new place like you’re already there and mobile. If I can get used to that, once you’re here it won’t be such a major change. I imagine having you will be a big enough change.

I love you Emby-girl


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