22 weeks

Dear Emby

You’re really quite a stubborn child, aren’t you? I understand that you come by it honestly, but stubbornly refusing to move so that the cardiologist could get a look at your heart, and kicking me every time he tried to jiggle your or get you to move is a bit advanced for a 22 week old fetus. I expect that sort of behavior from a 22 month old, not a child of your limited age and experience.

But, message taken. As you know, I talked with my OB and she felt my risk was low enough that it wasn’t worth all the stress and fear to go through this again. She will continue to sneak peeks at you, and hopefully you will feel a little more cooperative.

In the meantime, I love you and am looking forward to your kicks increasing in power so that Daddy can feel more of them.



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