18 weeks

Dear Emby

I’m writing to you from California. Daddy is attending a conference in Anaheim, and Mommy tagged along. You’ve already been on more planes now that I’d been on by the time I was 18 years old, so congratulations on that accomplishment.

When we arrived in California, Daddy upgraded our rental car to a convertible because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to drive one. We couldn’t drive to the hotel with the top down because of our luggage, but we (I) got some driving in yesterday and tomorrow will be a day with a lot of driving for me.

Today Daddy went and did his conference thing. I went and took a few pictures there before heading off to Disneyland. I had a very fun day (with a LOT of bathroom breaks) even without all the fast flip-you-upside-down-spin-you-around kind of rides I love.

I can’t believe we’re almost at the halfway mark. I’m super excited about the appointment next Friday when we get to count your fingers and toes and confirm if indeed you are a girl. I don’t think the doctor would’ve said anything if she wasn’t at least mostly sure, but I’m DYING to buy some girly pink stuff and I promised I wouldn’t until the confirmation at our next ultrasound.

I’m starting to feel you move more frequently. It’s kind of weird, and really cool at the same time. You definitely let me know that you were there when the planes were descending-lots of movement. I wonder if it was excitement or fear? I hope that one day you’ll be a good traveler, because your Daddy and I love to travel and we’d like to include you and any siblings you may have on those adventures.

Anyways Emby, keep on growing, and get ready for your close up next week.



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