Peeing on Sticks…or Officially trying Month 2

This may sound incredibly anal, but…

Whether or not I’m looking for a job this fall depends on whether or not I get pregnant this month. Hence I bought an ovulation kit…and have begun to pee on a stick daily. I have yet to ovulate, but I am keeping an eye on it.

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One Response to Peeing on Sticks…or Officially trying Month 2

  1. No not anal. Hard to find balance in life when TTC. Hurry and wait. And all that jazz.

    Eat tomatoes, don’t eat tomatos, ( too much acid) milk. exercise but not too much, eggs, two much protein, not enough??? Working, loving, family. Income! Need that income. Benefits. For me, feel my job is too stressful! Lalala. And I am under employed And then they want me to all but banish caffeine from my diet. makes me tired. Wanna stay home and nest. Need a Xanex. Want chocolate. But I have to get busy with Weight Loss. Sons wedding coming up in May.

    Understand tho~ Hugs

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