A long but good day (CarePages Update)

Elanor has been a busy girl today.

She has gotten a heart ultrasound, a head ultrasound, a stomach ultrasound and a kidney ultrasound. She has gone off a few antibiotics (for diseases we have been able to rule out). Best of all, her breathing tube came out about an hour and a half ago and Ravi and I have both been able to hold her-Ravi is holding her now.

The MRI results were read and the person who specializes in baby brain MRI’s said that there was no need to do the other CT scan. There will be some follow up, but there are no clots, which was the big worry this morning.

Getting her breathing tube out is a huge step towards being able to leave the PICU. She’ll also need to improve her kidney function a bit (she’s processing urine, but she has high creotine (spelling) levels and while they are resolving slowly, they’d want them more stable before they let her off the floor). There are probably a few other criteria as well, but right now our understanding is that she’ll hopefully be leaving the PICU mid-week next week for a regular pediatric room until her course of antibiotics is through and they are happy with her progress and such.

We can’t wait to post a few pictures of her without her tubes! Like her mom, Elanor’s skin gets very irritated where there was tape, but she is looking more and more like herself.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to see it, you’ll know what we mean when we say that we got to see her turtle face today.

We also got her to hear her voice for the first time in days…it’s a beautiful sound (if still a bit quiet as she recovers from the breathing tube).

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