A good night (CarePages Update)

Elanor had a very good night last night.

Her condition in unchanged–nothing new in terms of issues.

They were able to do the spinal tap. The bacteria cultures will take 48 hours to grow, but we already know they’ll be negative as one of the antibiotics Elanor has been on is for meningitis and that could mask the result. However, her white blood cell count from her spinal fluid is already back and that showed NO white blood cells in her spinal fluid. This is important because our primary doctor said that regardless of cultures, a quick way to tell if she were to have meningitis would be the white blood cell count of her spinal fluid and the absence of white blood cells would indicate the absence of meningitis. If he still feels the same as yesterday, this will mean that she’ll come off at least one medication today.

Elanor also finally got her feeding tube put in and is now getting 2cc’s (about 1/15th of an ounce) of expressed breast milk an hour. As she hasn’t used her digestive system in a few days, this is a good way to slowly reintroduce food to her body and digestive tract. She got pretty feisty when they tried to put it in–even though she’s still pretty out of it, she started moving her arms and legs around and got pretty annoyed with us, which was great to see. She also evidenced that her suck reflex had returned because at one point she helped them by sucking the tube down her throat (which is what babies her age do–it’s a reflex they can’t control).

Every day she looks a little better.

Now we wait for the MRI results…which of course have us a little on edge. Things are going really well in the infection department…it’s the brain bleed and the possibility of permanent damage that has us scared. Regardless of what they tell us, we’re just grateful that she’s alive and we’ll deal with whatever news they give us, and she’ll get whatever she needs.

Thank you for all the continued good thoughts sent our way.

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