Officially back on the TTC wagon

So the husband and I finally agreed (and stayed on the same page) that we ARE trying again, starting now.

I just finished my period so I’m day like 7 now, and my cycles were every 5 weeks and then every 8 weeks before. Unfortunately your period patterns prior to a miscarriage have nothing to do with them post-miscarriage. This past period was 37 days from the first post-miscarriage period, so I’m not sure if the next one will be 5 weeks or 8 weeks or 4 or what.

Part of me is tempted to buy the ovulation pee stick test, but the truth is I’m just not that girl. I’m not going to chart my basal body temperature, or examine my cervical mucus, or pee on a stick that isn’t a pregnancy test.

I think I’m going to do the same thing that got my knocked up the first time—LOTS of unprotected sex.

Wish me luck…I’m so excited and I want this so badly, but at the same time I’m just SO nervous about the first trimester. I wish pregnancy were more like a math test-you study hard and you can pass. Unfortunately, it’s more like interpretative dance–you try, but there’s no standards or guidelines or anything. Okay-really bad analogy, but you get the idea.

Oh-and the update from the last post

1-Husband was going to accept the out of state job, but his current job countered to the point where staying was more attractive

2-I’ve started my new job, and I’m loving it

3-Obviously, not moving, which is what allows us to take a deep breath and jump back in the ttc pool

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