Driving myself nuts

So there have been a lot of potential changes in our household.

1-I’ve gotten a job, in my dream district here at home, potentially through the end of the school year (june)

2-Husband has been offered a job 200 miles away in another state, starting Jan 1

3-Depending on what’s happenning with my cycle, I just might be pregnant

I don’t know what’s going on with Husband’s job. He’s trying to figure out if he’s going to take the job, causing me to move in with his parents, who live locally until the job is over. We need some answers on important questions, like how bi-state health insurance would work.

Basically we had unprotected sex for about a week after my period ended (my period lasting 7 days), which would be days 7-14. In a normal month, none of this would be an issue, as I usually have 5 or 8 week cycles, and unprotected sex for 14 days creates no danger of pregnancy. But I’ve read that your cycles can shorten to 4 weeks, and if that happens, I could easily be pregnant again.

The problem is this….

1—Husband doesn’t take the job, we toss all b/c out the window and try immediately.

2—Husband takes the job, and we need to wait for 6 months or so (unless it’s too late).

I have no idea what I’m rooting for. The job that Husband is contemplating is in NYC, which I lived in during grad school and part of me would kill to live in again. Staying here means trying RIGHT NOW, which of course I want.

So I’m worrying about pregnancy because it’s one of the few things I can control. I’m constantly evaluating if my breasts hurt, if I’m more tired than usual, etc. I can’t potentially get a reliable pregnancy test result for another 4 days, and more likely 10.

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  1. This will ALL drive you a bit nuts . And life keeps happening regardless.

    Wishing you and yours the best.

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