A memorial for Hope

Last night the husband and I went to Waterfire, an almost weekly event in Providence from June through October. On weekends, they light these bonfires in the middle of the river, play music (heavy on the opera) and performers (living statues, fire dancers, that sort of thing) perform. It goes from sunset until around 11 pm.

Last year we’d gone a few weeks before our wedding as a private bachelor/bachelorette party. We’d rented a room at a gorgeous B&B, complete with jacuzzi in the bath, done a nice dinner, walked through Waterfire (which at the time had come across as romantic), and had a private evening.

This year we’d kept planning on going, but things hadn’t quite lined up. After losing Hope, we realized how fitting a memorial it would be.

At Waterfire, they sell these memorial lights, and we got one for hope.

The new header is a picture of her memorial light as part of a ring of them around a tree. You can’t read the card, but it says

For Hope-

Who was with us for too short a time, and who we will love forever

Conceived August 2007

Lost September 27, 2007

Love Mom & Dad”

Waterfire no longer strikes us as romantic, but rather, tragic.

We sat by her memorial light for a long time, and then walked past the river, feeling the heat from the fire.

When we walked back, we did so on the other side of the water, so that I wouldn’t have to see her memorial removed. Towards the end of the night, they gather up the memorial lights and burn them in one of the bonfires. I didn’t want to see that. I want to remember Hope’s memorial surrounded by others memorializing other’s losses, and the flicker of the candle inside.

I’m reminded of an old Irish (I believe) saying- “Tis better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

Hope is my candle.

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